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The Power of Relationship Capital 

Investment is Capital, Capital is you.

Let’s leverage YOU

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Who it is for


Working Professionals

Business owners

Collaborat-Her and Her Path Forward are excited to bring you a host of masterclasses and networking sessions to help you tap into the power of relationship capital. With sessions on Personal Branding, networking and leveraging power of LinkedIn we will help you capitalize the power of your brand.

The Creators


Deeksha Ahuja
Founder Collaborat-Her

  • LinkedIn

Deeksha Ahuja is an entrepreneur, consultant and investor with 9 years of entrepreneurial experience across various sectors. She co-founded her first venture,

Though Deeksha wears many hats, as a consultant, investor, collaborator and more, she will always remain an entrepreneur at heart and is committed to enabling growth in the startup ecosystem through diversity and sustainability as the driving force behind her work. 


Encubay- Founder

In 2020, Deeksha co-founded Encubay, a women entrepreneur-focused incubator/network company. Encubay offers access to mentors, credits and resources, assistance with HR, PR, branding, marketing, corporate tie-ups and even VC firms who might be interested in investing in the portfolio startups. Encubay Angel Network is an offshoot of Encubay, founded as a response to the lack of funding that was making its way into the hands of early-stage startups founded by women. The angel network aims to create a collective of women who want to invest in women-led startups, thereby increasing the funding that is being provided to diverse startups.


Collaborat-Her- Founder

In 2018, Deeksha founded Collaborat-her, a boutique consulting firm that aims at creating, nurturing and kickstarting some of the most innovative initiatives to foster the startup ecosystem. Being a big believer in the power of collaboration, Deeksha believed that multiple ecosystems working together could create a larger impact. The same impact is created through unique IPs for a diverse set of entrepreneurs; all focussed on helping their ventures achieve scale and sustainability through collaboration. 


Cedarwood- Co-Founder

In the education sector 7 years ago, which now delivers 500,000+ hours of skilling courses to 5000+ students. 

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Suman Chugani
Founder, Her Path Forward

  • LinkedIn

After close to a decade as an Intrapreneur in Corporate, across the US, Ireland, South East Asia, and India she has now turned Entrepreneur.

  • Worked with companies - Target, LinkedIn, and WeWork

  • Family Business - High-end Luxury Real Estate Projects & Developments in GOA, India.

  • Former Captain of the Bangalore Women's Rugby Team

  • Citizen of the Philippines

An Athlete, Leader, Cheerleader of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners and a former LinkedIn Employee & an advocate of LinkedIn.

In 2021, after seeing so many Women, Business owners & Entrepreneurs build beautiful businesses but struggle to use LinkedIn, Suman was motivated to support those looking to tap into the power of the LinkedIn Professional platform the right way and founded HER PATH FORWARD. Suman believes that every Woman who anchors in her truest potential will pave the way for herself and others who follow. 


In under 1.5 months of launching HPF, we have impacted 14 companies to launch & scale their presence on LinkedIn.

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Our Story

Deeksha Ahuja is a serial entrepreneur and consultant, and Suman Chugani is an Ex-LinkedIn employee and a staunch advocate for the platform. 

Deeksha and Suman happened to meet each other on LinkedIn, where they developed a friendship. Deeksha and Suman soon discovered that their goals and beliefs aligned greatly - they were both proponents of personal branding and were committed to helping professionals and entrepreneurs reach their full potential by unlocking the power of personal branding, networking and LinkedIn as a platform.

The Power of Relationship Capital


23th October 2021 | 2 hrs session | 11 am to 1 pm

Know more

Personal Branding


Your personal brand is a direct reflection of your business and what you stand for.

For Whom

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Advisers and Content creators.

What it Entails

Packaging and showcasing your skills, talents, expertise and achievements under a personal brand.



In a world where a lot is taken at face value, honing your networking skills to put yourself out there in the best light possible is just as crucial as your other abilities.

For Whom

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Advisers and Content creators.

What it Entails

Understanding the fundamentals of networking and how to build long lasting relationships



Tap into the Power of the LinkedIn Platform.

For Whom

Startups/ Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs unsure how to leverage LinkedIn for Business

What it Entails

Unlock the power of the platform for you and your brand (Foundations, Connections & Content)

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