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Collaboration With LXME

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with LXME, India’s first investment platform for women. Backed by the experience and expertise of Anand Rathi Group, LXME shares our vision in creating a gender agnostic workspace by providing women a platform to stand tall and equal to their male counterparts.

So, what’s the one thing that makes your money grow without having to slog and work hard? It’s investing it in the right places. Studies show that women often consider investing a man’s forte and that it’s quite a risky business. We are here to tell you that with the right guidance you will repudiate this belief yourself. Making smart decisions and utilizing your resources optimally can let you gain financial independence and achieve your dreams.

The Collaborat-her X LXME league strives to understand the money journey of women, their needs for financial mentoring and growth. Our exclusive Financial Fitness Bootcamp offers a 2-day virtual workshop on -

  • Managing Savings and Debt

  • Emergency Fund Building

  • Short-term Investment Planning

  • Long-term Investment Planning

  • Designing your own achievable roadmap

The session will be conducted by Priti Rathi Gupta, MD & Promoter , Anand Rathi Group and Founder at LXME.

The exclusive women-only subscription based power club caters to your money journey, career and business trajectory. Women today, either working professionals, entrepreneurs or stay at home, are ambitious about growing money through investments. The challenge is to make these independent money decisions with confidence. And hence, we intend to create the perfect ecosystem for women to make these decisions.

In current turbulent times, taking the right step in handling your money has become imperative. Learn how to maximise your earnings, optimise your spendings, discipline your savings and grow your investments with us. Let’s build a community of strong, financially fearless women!

Don't miss out this unique opportunity and Register for the workshop right away!

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