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Day 1 At Network-her 2020 | 27th November 2020

Network-her Conference 2020 is a networking platform without boundaries for women entrepreneurs to foster learning experiences and build a global peer network. To enhance the start-up ecosystem and accelerate the pace of growth in terms of diversity, we have organized a series of panel discussions and workshops spread across 2 days i.e 27th and 28th of November.

The event will commence at 11 am on the 27th with the Women in Commerce workshop by our partners HSBC addressing how to build local commerce businesses that do well in an international market followed by the ‘Personal Branding and Networking on Linkedin’ workshop by Preeti Chaudhary, the founder of LinkedinLocal India where you will get to learn the power of networking and relationship building on Linkedin and how you can leverage that to grow your business and personal brand.

The next session is a short 20 minutes fireside chat with Startup India hosted by our founder, Deeksha Ahuja. Diksha Nigam, one of the representatives of this government initiative will shed light on the policies and opportunities provided by the GOI to women founders that they can take advantage of. This mini chat will be followed by a Software for Scale-Up workshop by ZOHO. This workshop is specially curated for women entrepreneurs to understand the tips and tricks while onboarding software applications; when to onboard them; and how to look out for trustworthy software that is scalable and also doesn't put privacy and safety of the users' data on the line. The next workshop will be conducted by Anisha Patnaik, the co-founder of Lexstart who will be unmasking the legalities when it comes to fundraising in this workshop titled ‘Legalities during a fundraise

The following workshop is all about overcoming negativity, turning lemons into lemonade, and all because of a burning passion to resolve bias and diversity in the hiring process for once and for all called ‘Pre-product fundraising:

Building your messaging, relationships & drive’ by Diversely. The last workshop for the day would be ‘Becoming Tech Literate’ where Nelly Yusupova will be debunking the myths about women in tech and empowering them through tech literacy. All the workshops will be conducted for an hour with time set aside for audience interactions.

Day 1 will conclude with a virtual speed networking session lasting for an hour through the Cocktail Virtual Party Feature on the Run The World platform. So, don’t miss out on this power-packed day full of learning and sharing!

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