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Day 2 At Network-her 2020 | 28th November 2020

With women entrepreneurs lacking in the art of business networking, about 26% less than their male counterparts, we at Encubay in association with Collaborat-her have taken it upon ourselves to tackle this issue through a 2-day conference curated exclusively for women entrepreneurs to learn, connect and collaborate with fellow female founders.

With day 1 allotted for workshops, day 2 i.e the 28th of November will be packed with informative panel discussions with some of the most accomplished and experienced women in the industry asserting the importance of networking and how to master this art. The first panel for the day will be ‘Networking Enhances Leadership and Growth’ commencing at 11 am. This session would be followed by ‘Making Your Business Better than yesterday Everyday’ which would be all about taking your business to new heights through the power of networks and connections.

Covering another important aspect of the startup journey will be the panel discussion on ‘Experiences of raising and investing’ where experienced women investors would talk about the tips and hacks of getting your pitch right followed by insights on personal branding and positioning at the ‘Network and Networth can Increase even Virtually’ discussion.

Last but not least are will be talks on ‘Building Commerce Ground Up’ and ‘Essentials of Creating a Corporate-Start-up Connect’ by women in the corporate industry addressing the importance of leveraging networks in understanding aspects of the business through corporate connects.

The curtain will be drawn after an hour-long virtual speed networking session just like day 1 through the Cocktail Virtual Party Feature on the Run The World platform. You will get to interact not just with other attendees but also the panelists and speakers. So, make the most of this opportunity and attend as many sessions as you can!

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