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Women, Support Systems & the Economy

The above 3 words are in fact way more connected than they seem.


In the past decade, a generous amount of data, statistics, and opinions have been released about women in workplaces which has lead to a domino effect on the internet. The popular leaders or followers of any movement make enough buzz online to influence the public. Leaders such as Sheryl Sandburg, Indra Nooyi and the likes flush in data directly or indirectly about women coming together and breaking glass ceilings, thus creating a positive fervour among netizens. Women in Corporates become aware and soon enough the corporate world itself starts looking at diversity across functions.

Support Systems Women now are amped up and want to start participating, even taking on leadership roles following the movement. But remember, these are the same women who once had families, households and a mammoth list of chores to take care of. So how can the same person be expected to do exceedingly well professionally and manage their existing familial duties? This is where they break - not because of their incompetency, but because of lack of proper support system.

The Economy

Now with this inflow of highly talented and ambitious women, the economic growth is bound to accelerate. There is a surge of women at corporates that bring in fresh perspectives and diverse teams to achieve targets faster. Some of these women turn entrepreneurs, create jobs and start disrupting industries with their ventures. The rise of businesses that come to life as support systems for these women also flourish and add their own share of economic footprint.

We are at the brink of a monumental change and each of us has a choice to make, irrespective of our gender or standing in society. You can either take the lead at creating awareness or you can just sit around passively in the economy, waiting for the change to hit you.

Collaborat-Her along with Encubay in association with Green House Capital, Africa has decided that it’s going to take an active part in this movement. We are releasing the first cohort of our incubation program specially for women entrepreneurs. Our exclusive sessions include virtual learning programs, expert sessions and guidance from our brilliant set of mentors.

Authored by Deeksha Ahuja

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