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A series of online sessions for entrepreneurs where experienced entrepreneurs share their stories on successfully overcoming unforeseen mess-ups.The sessions unravel what makes or breaks a startup; the real, unadulterated truth only.

Your dose of learning with a new topic every week. Real life hiccups, experiences and insights by experts from the start-up ecosystem. 

Startup Hiccups Season 2

Season 2 

Startup Hiccups: Building a Global Community
Oct 22, 7:00 PM GMT+5:30
Zoom Event
Building a strong community has an immensely positive impact on ones business. This week on Startup Hiccups we have Shashikiran Rao, Co-founder of Draper Startup House (India and Europe) sharing his experiences and hiccups of building a global community.

Here's Season 1 Summary 

Season 1 Speakers

Legal and Compliance

With Anisha Pattnaik

(Co-founder- Lexstart)

The session focused on the process of Due Diligence and Compliance while developing an IP. Ms. Pattnaik also explained and shared a DD checklist to ensure all legal procedures are being followed.

Let’s Get Agile

With Avida Hancock

(Founder- Eequ)

Sharing her insights on the increasingly popular Agile Framework, Ms. Avida took the audience through her personal journey with adopting this model for her company. A hypothesis and experimental approach was discussed to explain the principles and application of Agile.

What They Don't Tell You About Fundraising!

With Tushar Garg

(Chief Business Officer- Blu Smart Mobility)

The session addressed the art and science of fundraising along with tips on how to pitch. Mr. Garg also advised on how to pick the right investor and the benefits that can provide to your startup.

Fail Fast So That You Can Succeed Faster

Mr. Bandan Jot Singh

(Lead Product Manager- Gojek)

The talk circled around common mistakes entrepreneurs make while building a product. Mr. Singh elaborated on how to pick the right approach, be it experimental or perfectionist. 

Choosing the Wrong People

With Sallyann Della Casa

(Founder and Chief Identity Hacker- GLEAC)

A self-declared identity hacker, Ms. Casa delved into understanding people beyond their resumes and academic/professional achievements. ‘Hacking people’ and spotting the right talent while hiring were the highlights of the session.

Startups 101 : An Investor Perspective

Ratna Mehta

(EVP & Global Head- Wadhwani Catalyst Fund)

With tremendous experience in the field of investment, Ms. Mehta shared what goes on inside an investor’s brain during a pitch. Bringing this perspective, she revealed the mantras of a smooth entrepreneurial journey.

Dealing With Uncertain/ Volatile Outcomes

Prateek Khare

(Head of Startup Partnerships- Swissnex)

The session centred around making the best out of a bad situation and preparing yourself for the stormy times. Using real-life, practical examples, Mr. Khare addressed common concerns entrepreneurs have during volatile circumstances.

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