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Who we are

Collaborat-her, a boutique consulting firm conceptualized by the ones who continue to be in the ever learning rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. The passion to watch every business grow into what it was envisioned and guide entrepreneurs through their journey is what we are made of. Collaboration remains at the heart of everything we do with our partners across sectors and clients too. We wish to become an integral part of your growth journey and equip you with everything you would need! 

How do we help?

Through our industry knowledge and analysis we assess/ identify the missing pieces in your puzzle and use our resources to put them together. Our team and partner network facilitate every step of your journey. Collaboration being an integral part of what we do, will always have an industry specialist on-board for you. We walk the journey together and equip start-ups with the skills and knowledge they need to possess to achieve their dream and be the best in the market. 



Deeksha Ahuja

Founder Collaborat-Her

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Deeksha comes with 8 years of experience across Ed-tech, Food-tech, Beauty-tech, Media-tech and Healthcare tech. She is driven, energetic & passionate about creating value through the work she does. An entrepreneur at heart, she translated her love for it into Cedarwood, MadeByHer and Collaborat-her, ventures she Founded and Co-founded over the last 8 years .

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Cedarwood- Co-Founder

Cedarwood is a platform that enables parents to discover courses inspired by 21st century skills for their child. Today, Cedarwood boasts of delivering 200,000+ hours of skilling courses to 3000+ students. Cedarwood is also re-inventing teaching as a flexible work from home option for women on break, thereby creating a generation of financially independent women. She has spearheaded key functions such as marketing, business development & operations and has assisted in Content creation and Tech implementation for her own venture and other start-ups.

Being an entrepreneur gives her a wide and objective perspective on almost every business process; and she leverages that experience for her external consulting projects through her newest venture Collaborat-her ( Deeksha actively consults startups and mature businesses across sectors to achieve scale and sustainability. She mentors about 5-7 startups each month and is also involved in curating specific IPs for all the stakeholders of the startup ecosystem.

MadeByHer- Co-Founder

Collaborat-her is actively involved in co-partnering with entities that are trying to solve similar problems. One such entity that Deeksha has co-founded is which is an ecosystem for women led businesses to get B2B business. 

It is her endeavour to make entrepreneurship gender agnostic where the focus is on creating scalable, sustainable businesses that drive impact.



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