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An exclusive premium forum that promotes the growth of women business owners in India via up-skilling and networking initiatives. It is a platform for ambitious businesswomen who are seeking to scale up their ventures.

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What's in it for you?

Expert Interaction


Business Resources

Peer Network

The HSBC ethos

HSBC has proactively adopted the start-up mindset at the workplace while being a strategic business partner to start-ups for business continuity. To further enhance this inclination towards the start-up ecosystem, HSBC in association with Collaborat-her has launched the Women In Commerce initiative

Diversity through the lens of commerce


Launch Event

Women in Commerce
06-Nov-2020, 5:00 pm
A session that encapsulates some of the concerns that often hinder the growth of women entrepreneurs. Join us for our launch event where we cover three major building blocks of creating a successful venture, featuring Avneet Kohli, Laveena Laitonjam and Pearl Agarwal. Limited & Exclusive session

Growth Mindset

We have carefully curated sessions on what impacts women entrepreneurs the most. A Growth Mindset from the very beginning is essential. Start small but create to scale.

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Avneet Kohli

Impact & Communication Coach

Scaling Up

Scaling up is a journey, one that requires resources, opportunities and definitely also welcomes failures. 

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Laveena Laitonjam

Founder, Rent An Attire


Fundraising is a process that assists one in understanding their own business while convincing the world. Raising funds involves a partnership which goes beyond the financial value of the investment. 

Pearl Agarwal.png

Pearl Agarwal

Founder, Eximius Ventures


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